Facebook user shakes Adams Oshiomole’s Table (Photos)

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Facebook user shakes Adams Oshiomole’s Table. Read the post below:

“Before you point your fingers on those in opposition party, ask your national chairman how he got the wealth to build this mansion in Iyamoh.

Ask him his son source of income before he built hospital Abroad.

Ask him the source of income of his oyibo wife who built a big super market and employed only whites in Abuja. When we have the liked of Igunbor Sarah who need good jobs.

Ask him where he made money from to build his in-law a house worth 300million.

Ask him how he got money to buy planes that are generating income for him.

Ask him how he built the house in GRA worth 700million in less than a year.

Ask him where he got money to settle party leaders worth 2bn to clinch the APC National chairman.

The beauty of what Buhari anti corruption war brought to our political space will be redefine when another party comes on board to probe APC members as well more of PDP members.
This partner will continue until we eliminate corruption in our country.”