Nigerian Lady allegedly bleeds to death after being used for ritual, Last chat with friends revealed!

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There’s a trending ritual story making rounds in Benin City, Edo State.. and it involves a popular video vixen/model identified as Wendy and her boyfriend.

According to the chats she had with her friends, just before her death, she dreamt that she was bleeding, and was told in the dream, that her boyfriend had used her for ritual.

Upon waking up, she noticed that she was indeed bleeding through her private part, and she it wasn’t her period, as she had already seen her period.

Immediately after this, she quickly called her pastor, who confirmed to her that her boyfriend, had indeed used her for rituals.

Wendy went on to reveal that the pastor told her to have a river bath within 3 days or risk losing her life. However, it seems she eventually lost the battle.

The boyfriend immediately reacted and claimed the chats was false, as Wendy is very much alive, but pretended to be dead to they could extort money from him.

Other sources who made contact with us, confirmed that indeed Vitamin Wendy was alive, and the whole drama was a ploy after she found out another lady was pregnant for her boyfriend.

Apparently, Wendy and friends made up the story, to deceive the media and everyone on social media.

Wendy has now replied her Boyfriend, Best Jide after he made claims that Wendy and her family wanted to extort him.


Here’s a new video of her narrating what went down;