Nigerian mum whose child attends cheche where little girl died in Abuja, gives her own account of what happened

A Nigerian mum, Peace Ben Williams, whose child attends the creche at Britmax International School Abuja where Baby Michelle Onoja, died in a mysterious circumstance in January this year, took to her Facebook page to give an account of what transpired that day.

According to Peace, the school authorities resorted to prayers when the child lost conciousness. Read her account below

I have never been so traumatized in my whole life, like I was today. A 6-month-old baby girl died in the creche in my children’s school this afternoon. As soon as I heard that the child was unresponsive, I rushed there to give her CPR. Unfortunately, it was too late. Apparently, she died from asphyxiation. I can still perceive the smell of the baby’s formula she regurgitated on my mouth and dress.?

The reality of this trauma hit me when the baby started to grow cold in my hands.

There are just some things I want to write here to sort of restore my sanity.

1. I’m a woman of great faith, but I also believe in applying common sense. When I arrived, staff of the school were gathered round the lifeless baby praying and that’s all they knew. I asked if anyone had given the baby CPR. The nannies didn’t seem to know what CPR was or how to give it. Why would you open a school without a registered nurse in your employ in case of emergency? Why would you employ child minders without giving them orientation training on basic first aid and emergency response?

2. The child’s mother was called almost an hour after the baby was found unresponsive. The management was more concerned about calling their lawyers first, while the nanny who was on duty at the time rushed and turned herself to the police. The baby’s mom was the last to learn what happened to her baby. Scary!

3. I do not wish this to happen to my worst enemy. I saw women who never knew each other today connect because we felt a common pain. At that moment, that baby was ours. We all tore our hairs and wailed but the child was long gone. One mom who came to pick up her 3 kids even forgot about her kids and rushed baby Michelle to the hospital. We were all traumatized.

4. This can never serve as a closure but just in case like me, you hate yourself for opting to stay at home to raise your kids in place of pursuing a career, then maybe you should think again. I put my life on hold for 20 years to become a stay-at-home mother to raise my children. I can live with being a slow starter in entrepreneurship, but I can NEVER live with my baby dying in a creche or day care.

Rest in peace, baby Michelle. You’re an angel now.